Pedro Pablo Montoya, Engineer, Emigrant Family

December 29, 2017 Post Comment Testimonials

My experience of contacting Viva in New Zealand was through my nephew who went to study English in New Zealand for a period of 6 months advised by Viva in New Zealand, based on his experience I made the decision and now I am achieving a of my lifelong goals that is to speak English.

I am currently studying English, because the project is to do a postgraduate degree and to be able to bring my family to live in New Zealand, I have been struck by the quiet life that is experienced in all the places I have visited and that is a priority for me , additionally the quality of life and the excellent education.

I have received support from Viva in New Zealand since before making the decision, including 1 year before I had several Skype meetings with Mery Sofia de Viva in NZ and the support has been total because I had a health problem and all the work team of Live in NZ and especially Mery Sofia was outstanding all the time, so I can say with all tranquility that the support and support has been permanent and very effective.

Having an agent at the destination such as Viva in New Zealand is extremely important, because the support is more effective and efficient and most importantly all the recommendations are based on the experience of Viva’s work team in NZ. I recommend 100% to Viva in NZ because all the recommendations have been very successful and based on my needs and my family projects.