Laura Gomez – Business Administrator – English Student and Emigrant Family

December 29, 2017 Post Comment Testimonials

Our Family contact Viva in NZ online. We are a Family made up of my husband, my 2 daughters and me. We arrived 2 years ago to New Zealand with the intention of staying here for a long time. At the beginning we got to study English for 9 months my husband and I, and after 7 months of studying my husband found work as an engineer, since then we have always had work. From the beginning of the experience, we received all the support of Viva in New Zealand, and this support has remained until today, being in NZ was when we understood that our best decision was to have taken our process with Viva in New Zealand, that we received the support to locate ourselves in the workplace and fulfill our goal of staying in this country and achieving great things. We thank all the Viva team in New Zealand and their Network that allowed our path to be easier, today we understand that taking guided decisions with the help of God and people who want to help people, Make a Difference!

I would always recommend Viva in New Zealand for its excellence, transparency and commitment to its students throughout the process. Thank you for every minute dedicated to developing a great life story that we continue to write in this country today. Today my family and I live happily fighting and thanking God for each day that has allowed us to live in this beautiful city. Thank you Live in New Zealand for being part of this dream.