High school

Schools in New Zealand and Australia

Our students can enrol in a school in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, England or Canada for as long as they wish, from 1 month onwards. They can even do their studies in preparation for University. Some of our institutions provide the International Baccalaureate program.

Schools in New Zealand and Australia

The education system in both Australia and New Zealand allows high school students to prepare for College (University) studies during the last school years. The schools we have chosen provide sporting programs as well as a large number of electives subjects such as:

✔ Carpentry

✔ Culinary arts

✔ Fashion design

✔ Boat building

✔ Business

✔ Accounting

✔ Finance

✔ Economics

✔ Dance

✔ Drama

✔ Music

✔ Graphic Design

In the educational system of New Zealand the Baccalaureate system begins when the students are 13 years old. It starts from the ninth grade, which is called year nine and continues to the final year (year / grade 13). Students are accepted at the school and placed in each course according to their age. There are compulsory subjects for years nine and 10 but in later years they have many elective subjects depending on the student’s preferences and professional aspirations. Students will attend an orientation day where they will receive additional information and select their elective subjects.

“With you in your country of origin, with you in your destination country.”

The institutions we represent have been carefully selected. Our goal is to place our students in a comfortable environment, where they can feel safe and interact with students from families who also seek a high educational level for their children. Local students are accepted only if they are living within the geographical limits of the area where the school is located, which makes some public schools more desirable than others.

One of the great advantages of belonging to a Baccalaureate school in New Zealand is that students will integrate with local and international students at the same level and age group. They attend all the same classes as a local student does, which helps them to learn the language quickly, and in an environment where they feel comfortable. This way they learn academic English as well as ‘everyday’ English. This environment also allows students to participate in sporting and cultural activities with other students from all over the world. This unique experience helps to develop students not only professionally but personally too.

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