Diego Vera Y Sandra Espitia, Business Administrators

December 29, 2017 Post Comment Testimonials

We are a couple of married Colombians, my husband Diego through Viva in New Zealand studied in NTA a training course to work in Dairy Farms. It has been an enriching experience, day after day learning about the Kiwi culture, its customs and above all the quality of life, in this part of the island you can see beautiful landscapes every day all year round but the best of all is the opportunity to work supporting all our needs.

The experience with Viva in New Zealand was very supportive to make the registration to the institution and to obtain the visa, it was very well executed and fast, the best thing about this experience is knowing that Viva in New Zealand knows your needs and The same time is solving them. I recommend Viva in New Zealand totally, because through them we have achieved the balance of our needs many times exceeding expectations, the continuous accompaniment is felt, which sometimes you do not find in other agencies.