Carolina Gamez – Mechanical Engineer – Diploma Student

December 29, 2017 Post Comment Testimonials

I contacted Viva in New Zealand through some friends. Regarding my experience, I came to New Zealand to study English for 6 months, according to my agency in Colombia this would be enough time to improve my level and achieve an advanced level, past 6 months I did not achieve the proposed and I had to find a local agent (Live in New Zealand), I am currently doing a diploma in Business level 7, this has helped me with my goal of managing the English language.

Live in New Zealand advised me on the best option of study according to my need, together with Mery we evaluated different schools, pros and cons, locations, etc. always looking for convenience in terms of transportation due to the cost of this in Auckland. The best thing about Viva in New Zealand according to my experience has been to have the precise orientation to the own difficulties that arise when the life of student in another country begins.

My experience when I decided to study English was to contact an agency in Colombia without considering that an agency in the destination country is much more useful because the recommendations on what to study, locations, transportation, accommodation suggestions are made by people living in the country, the The importance of an agent is definitive in the success of the achievement of the goals drawn from the country of origin.

I recommend Viva in New Zealand because the service that an agent must provide does not stay in the country of origin, it is received all the time abroad.