Andrés Camacho Murillo – Economist – Doctoral Student and Emigrant Family

December 29, 2017 Post Comment Testimonials

A friend in Bogota told me that he had traveled to New Zealand through Viva in New Zealand, and he gave me very good references of the company, that is how I was able to contact them.

My experience in New Zealand has been magnificent from several perspectives. From the academic side, contact with professionals in the areas of Economics and Finance has allowed me to learn and advance in the Doctorate in Economics. In the family part, I have been able to learn from the culture of work and family. Thanks to the wonderful examples we have seen in New Zealand families, my wife and I do not hesitate to have our daughter in this country, and transmit different values ​​that complement those of our culture. In the social part, the experience has allowed me to enrich the language, learn from local cuisine and from other countries, and learn from society in general.

The experience was wonderful. Viva in New Zealand was in the entire process of application and acceptance in the Doctorate. The support was permanent during this time and very effective. The knowledge of the procedures and the determined way to help those interested is a great strength of Viva in New Zealand. The importance of having an agent in the destination would qualify it in 8, having a scale of 0 to 10, because their support can be decisive for the purposes of the interested party, especially at the beginning. I would recommend Viva in New Zealand to those interested in studying a short or long term course because of the excellent results I obtained in my application and acceptance process.