Luisa Fernanda Jaramillo, Psychologist

December 29, 2017 Post Comment Testimonials

Within my resolutions for this year I had proposed to make a trip abroad to perfect my English and thus be able to expand my job opportunities in Colombia. I must confess that when I started to find out it was a difficult job to be completely informed about the different options to travel and make the right decision. The great advantage of Viva in New Zealand is that it has its main office directly in Auckland, New Zealand, which guarantees you the help and support of an agent in that country, besides its services have no additional cost, that was what best!!. When I arrived in NZ, I had someone to pick me up at the airport, place me with a family of natives and guide me about the system of life within the city.

My experience was enriching in every sense, I knew the country, its people and I fulfilled my goal of perfecting my English at the proposed level. As many testimonies confirm, NZ is a wonderful country, I felt very safe at every moment, so much so that I often felt that it was not real. The multicultural environment is invaluable, the variety of international food and the ease of traveling within the country are exceptional.

Thank you very much Live in New Zealand for playing such an important role in this unique experience for me.